We are a trusted partner to many of the UK's largest leasing companies, for whom we complete scores of thousands of servicing and repair jobs a year. We also have a wide range of direct fleet customers. Here's what one of these has to say about us:

James Marques UCKG Fleet Manager says;
"We began using Prestige Fleet Servicing to manage and repair our fleet, after being extremely disappointed with another company. Because of their efficiency and excellent customer service, our workload has been reduced considerably. Prestige Fleet Servicing understands our individual needs and has made great efforts to support us in maintaining a mixture of commercial vehicles and cars always at optimum condition."

Here's what one of the largest UK leasing companies say about us.

Neil Dixon MCIPS, Head of Procurement & Supplier Management at LeasePlan UK commented: "We have now enjoyed a growing business relationship with Prestige since the beginning of 2010 during which time Prestige has expanded its core network, and delivered on our key service objectives. During the next two years we expect further developments to be rolled out as we drive for even greater service performance and driver satisfaction."

Our leasing company clients demand the highest technical and customer service standards, and we ensure we deliver these, day in day out across the whole of the UK through our accredited vehicle repairer network. This means that you can rely on a similar level of attention to detail, vehicle service security and the best use of your valuable business time.