Save Time

Company vehicle drivers generally represent a major investment by their employer. They operate at the cutting edge of most companies' work forces, and delays resulting in unproductive use of their time are costly. And let's face it, vehicle servicing and maintenance are essentials - your drivers don't like the time and effort it often requires to get things done to suit their busy schedules.

At Prestige Fleet Servicing our entire ethos is based on the enhancement of the driver experience, with priority given to minimising disruption to the working day. We arrange to collect the vehicle early in the day and then advise either the driver or fleet authoriser of progress during the day, whether the work required is a routine service, MOT, repair or additional work we've discovered, especially if this additional work is safety-related, such as on brakes or tyres. Authorisation is always requested from the appropriate company authority before starting any additional work, but we keep the driver in the picture by SMS, phone or smart-phone email to ensure communication is maintained about the timing of delivery back to the driver.

If unplanned work is necessary, and this leads to the vehicle being unavailable within the day, we will advise immediately this becomes evident and thus enable your driver to make appropriate arrangements. Many of our Service Centres have courtesy cars, and we can liaise with your preferred car hire partner if a courtesy car isn't available.

Included with every service:

Collection and Delivery

Wash and Vacuum

OE Parts, 12 month or 12,000 mile guarantee

Work completed to manufacturers' scheduled service requirements

UK Operations Centre Support

Online or Telephone booking service